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Just back from the weekly visit to the Stroud Farmer’s Market feeling very pleased with myself for having picked up a couple of treats from the Handmade Scotch Egg Company.

With over thirty different varieties to their name, the casual browser could become a little overwhelmed. I sought advice and walked away with a traditionally seasoned ‘Mac’ and another of their best sellers a ‘Scrumpy’ containing apple, onion and fresh sage. So far one down and one to go.

They’re fabulous. Moist, juicy, tasty and perfectly cooked. Phenomenally good.

If your experience of Scotch Eggs is limited to those rubbery, plastic wrapped abominations you pick up at the motorway services then you need to forget all you think you know and pay Penny and Neil Chambers a visit. They have a great website with links off to their own blog, a diary of where to find them and also their online store. To quote their site,

These are not simply Scotch Eggs, these are lovingly prepared meals in their own right – made with eggs from free to roam happy chickens and pigs – each one put together by hand and presented in perfect condition for you to enjoy.

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