The Snooty Brasserie Blanc, Cheltenham


It was never my intention to start writing this blog in order to whinge and moan, but I am going to make an exception in the case of Brasserie Blanc in Cheltenham.

I’ve been a loyal customer of Brasserie Blanc since it opened. They’ve always offered a really great fixed price lunch and dinner menu whereby providing you select one of the two or three starters and main courses on offer, you can dine for £12 including a glass of wine. A great hook and it works well because there’s always a lively atmosphere in there. Invariably we’d end up ordering off the main menu and spend more than the £12.

Since our little boy came along, it’s been one of the good-food places in Cheltenham we’ve felt comfortable taking him after our saturday shopping trips. The staff are great with kids and being a large high-celinged, open space, any ad-hoc shouting or screaming gets drowned out by the background babbling.

The food itself is terrific. Really great pared down versions of the dishes Blanc is famed for. Lunchtime special of grilled pork chops with colcannon mash a favourite of mine.

We’ve taken several friends there and recommended it to many more.

And then it all went horribly wrong.

One recent, random, sunny afternoon mooching around town and playing in the park with junior, we decided rather than cook at home, we’d grab a quite bite to eat at Brasserie Blanc. We’ve never intended to eat out and being a glorious day we were in shorts and t-shirts.

We strode up to the counter as usual asking for a table for two plus highchair. Instead of the usual courteous and polite welcome we were faced with some ginger toe-rag, barely out of school who in slow motion looked down from our eyes, to our feet and back up to our eyes again before smugly announcing they were full. There were barely five tables occupied.

I just cannot bear this kind of arrogant attitude. I’d be mortified if a customer of mine felt they had been treated in any way other than like royalty and I am sure Monsieur Blanc feels the same.

Because of this pimpley, self-important, puffed-up youth I have not returned to Brasserie Blanc. I have also recounted this tale anyone seeking advice on where to eat in Cheltenham whereas previously I’d have wholeheartedly recommended Brasserie Blanc.

I know the chances of Monsieur Blanc ever rading this are slim, but I hope I’m not the only one to have picked up on this and the offending oik is no longer ruining what is one of Chetenham’s real treats.