Stop! Hammer Time!

hammer timeIntroducing my latest toy – a dual purpose meat mallet made by Typhoon. One side has rows of small pyramid spikes and the other is flat.

The idea of the spikes soften the fibres in the meat therefore making it more tender to eat and easier to digest. The other side is used to ‘pound’ meats like chicken or veal to make thin escalopes which is the main reason I bought this.

I’m a big fan of pollo a la milanese as well as butterflied BBQ chicken both of which require the breast to be flattened out. My usual method is to cover with clingfilm and evenly whack with a rolling pin. I figured the meat mallet would be a more precise and probably more hygeinic way to achieve the same.

It was immediately obvious that this product had a design flaw – the sharp corners. Whilst many mallets have square heads, they tend to be a bit thicker and rounder round the edges – this one isn’t and the sharp corners tore at the meat as I hit it.

It’s a shame as it has a great feel to it and looks like it should be a great addition to the utensils drawer. As it stands, I’ll probably just stick to the rolling pin in the future.

I’m yet to try it as a meat tenderiser – I’ll report back when I do

Score so far: 2 out of 5

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