The SKK Stewpot – My New Favourite Pan!

skkspx12We were absolutely delighted to receive fantastic pan, made by German firm SKK, as a gift recently. Heralded by The Independant as “Best ever range of non-stick pans” their build quality and performance in the kitchen is legendary making them favourites amongst many chefs including Delia (not that this fact would particularly sway me).

Each one is hand-cast out of heavy gauge aluminium. The base is titanium which is 40 times harder than stainless steel and it’s class-leading non-stick coating means you can even use steel utensils without damaging your pan.

What I really love is the versatility. It’s such a well made, solid pan that it is just at home frying as it is slow cooking in the oven. This means it is perfect for all sorts of stews and slow-braise dishes where you want to brown the meat before adding liquid to slow cook.

I used it last night to cook up chicken chasseur on the hob. It browned the chicken to perfection and then reduced down the sauce beautifully without any catching.

My pot has a 28cm diameter and holds approx 7 litres of liquid. That’s a lot of food.

This is not a cheap product. But it’s one that is built to last a lifetime. Now I have one, I want another! Maybe Santa will bring me something hand-cast from heavy gauge aluminium for Christmas this year…

This article was written by Jon

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