A Sufficiency of BBQ Jerk Chicken


We had some friends over for lunch on Saturday – the perfect excuse to fire up the BBQ and cook some serious jerk chicken.

It also gave me the perfect excuse to go out and buy a new kitchen gadget – a boning knife. It’s a knife I have wanted for quite a while but as it would only get an outing once a month or so I found it difficult to justify and have made do with one of my old chefs knives.

I dropped into the fantastic Kitchens Utensils on Whiteladies Rd in Bristol and grabbed a £15 catering quality boning knife. Nice thin and agile blade, slightly flexy, dishwasherproof and outrageously sharp.


Preparation started the night before with three whole chickens, keeping the skin on I cut each into the following pieces:

  • 2 x wings
  • 2 x thighs
  • 2 x legs
  • 2 x breasts, then each cut in half
  • carcasses set aside to make a vat of stock

I will post how to quickly cut a chicken into pieces at a later stage. I always buy whole birds – it is so much more versatile and far more economical than buying all the pieces pre-cut and pre-packed. Once you have the knack, it takes minutes to bone the bird and you have all the fantastic leftovers for stock.

In a big bowl, this all gets covered in about half a jar of the fantastic Walkerswood Jerk Seasoning that I recently reviewed and left covered in the fridge overnight.

The next day, the chicken pieces got cooked off on a medium heat grill until cooked through.

So good it’s almost naughty.

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