Pippin Doughnuts – Holy Smoke They’re Good!!


Whenever I have a saturday morning free I’ll head to the award winning Farmer’s Market in Stroud. It’s a great place for any foodie or cook to have a mooch and pick up fresh, locally produced treats. Everything from organic fruit and veg, though to locally cured charcuterie and locally produced artisan Scotch Eggs. I love it there.

One of the highlights of the market (particularly for my wife!) is the week-in-week-out regular Pippin Doughnuts. I can honestly say, with both my hands in the air, I have never eaten better doughnuts and doubt I ever will. Just a million miles away form the greasy, stale, artificial tasting supermarket efforts or US branded imports. They are fresh from their bakery every morning, handmade using seasonal local ingredients.

They fist caught my eye and sparked the imagination when I spotted one of the rhubarb and vanilla doughnuts a few years back. It was sensational. Each weekly visit now there’s sure to be the line up of usual suspects such as custard, jam, lemon curd or Cinnamon but also a few weird and wonderful creations too – lemon and pistachio , maple and pecan, strawberry & passion fruit or today’s doughnut of choice – plum.

All the better is they don’t limit themselves just to Stroud market but travel to many of the farmer’s markets around the area – you can see their full diary online here. They’ll even do catering so next tome you have a function or event, give them a call and treat your guests to the finest doughnuts in the land.

Visit them at http://www.pippindoughnuts.co.uk/ or call 01793 496210

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