Buying Smoked Back Bacon From Elizabeth Hurley

liz-hurleyA couple of weeks ago I happened to be mooching around Cirencester farmer’s market. It’s not a regular haunt despite only being ten mins away from home as the award winning Stroud market is generally so much better in every respect.

That was until Cirencester pulled out their secret weapon. The silver bullet. Their trump card. They have Liz Hurley selling bacon and Stroud doesn’t.

Don’t get me wrong – Tony the butcher of ‘Tony’s Butchers’ in Stroud knows his meat. And he makes award winning sausages. But, for all his charm, charisma and general awe-inspiring meat-knowledge, he’s not Liz Hurley.

It was sheer chance that our visit to the Cirencester market happened to coincide with the official launch of Elizabeth Hurley Organic Foods and that she was there manning the stand herself along with hubby and son. Fair play to her – she did know her streaky from her back. She took my tenner and duly dished out the change.

Liz Hurley or not, the real question is how does the bacon stack up??? Well I’m very pleased to say that -objectively- her bacon is terrific. I opted for a smoked back bacon, very neatly trimmed, sliced to a good thickness and a delight to cook with. I knocked up (on separate occasions) bacon butties, a carbonara and then braised cabbage with crispy bacon using her bacon – all first class.

I’ll certainly be looking out for Elizabeth Hurley stuff again, regardless of the celeb link it’s a terrific, locally produced, organic ingredient that tastes fantastic.

Here’s a few more photos – not of Liz Hurley, but of the bacon and the carbonara …… what? you wanted more Liz photos instead..???

(ps – I found the above photo of Liz at the market on the web as I did not have my camera to hand – please do let me know if it is yours and of course I’ll credit it with a link)

liz hurley bacon


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