Left Over Pomodoro Sauce……

IMG_8752I cooked up a hearty batch of pomodoro sauce on Saturday afternoon and as always there was a bit left over so into the fridge it went.

Spotting a few left-over sausages in the fridge I went for a Jamie Oliver trick and make super-quick meatballs out of them. If you’re not familiar with this cheat-tip then here’s what to do:

  1. snip the end off a sausage
  2. squeeze out a large marble size blob of sausage meat and roll in your hands to make a ball
  3. repeat with the rest of the sausage(s)
  4. fry in a little olive oil

Once they are browned over, I sloshed in about a glass of white wine, simmered down and then added my left-over pomodoro. Stir in some fresh basil and serve with plenty of parmesan.

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