Piri Piri Gurnard

A super quick and easy recipe that uses my favourite fish – Gurnard with a sprinkling of piri-piri seasoning.

Gurnard is sustainable, cheap and delicious. The flavour is quite subtle and it is meaty enough to stand up to the grill. This cooking method gives a lovely textured skin and crust leaving the flesh incredible moist and succulent.

First step, get your friendly fishmonger to filet a fresh gurnard leaving the skin on.

Sprinkle generously with piri-piri seasoning and then drizzle with olive oil. Make sure all the fish gets a good coating.

Leave for half an hour (this is optional if you are short of time)

Fire up the grill to hot and lay the fish skin side down for around 3 mins. Carefully flip over and grill flesh side down for a further 2 mins.

Drizzle with fresh lemon juice and serve whilst piping hot.

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