Woodstock Pale Ale


Woodstock Pale Ale With Cascade Hops

I brewed a batch of Woodstock Pale Ale this afternoon having made a few tweaks to the recipe I used last week.

It’s a 20L batch of beer that I start off in a big stock pot. I bring the water up to temperature and then dunk the malted grains in using a mesh bag. Let this steep for an hour then pull the bag out and rinse it with enough hot water to bring it the overall volume.

This is boiled for an hour with various varieties of hops added at different times. If you are new to homebrewing beer then early hop additions give the beer the bitter flavour whilst later ones give it the hoppy aroma.

I really love the US style Pale Ales so I’ve used one of the most popular US pale ale hop varieties, Cascade, as the backbone for the beer. It’s versatile and can be used to add bitterness and aroma so I added 20g as the pot started ot boil and then further drops after 30 mins, 45 mins and then a final drop at the end of the boil.

Also added was some Sorachi Ace hops that I ordered after tasting Bristol Beer Factory ‘Acer’ beer a while back. “Acer’ is a terrific beer and I am hoping to bring some of that character to my homebrew.

After the beer boils it is quickly cooled and then after taking a gravity reading the yeast is pitched, the lid closed and the air-lock put in place. I’ll check it tomorrow to make sure fermentation has begun.

Also this afternoon I moved a batch of Woodstock Pale Ale that I brewed a week ago from it’s fermenting bucket to a fresh one. Basically I wanted to get it off the yeast and try and help it clear a little bit before I put it in a keg next week. I also added 8g of cascade hops straight in there that will give it a real fresh hoppy aroma.


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