Quick & Easy Classic Pomodoro

This is the perfect dish to throw together when you’ve been out all day and need a fast fix of decent food.

My wife is bored of hearing me say that a good spaghetti pomodoro is one that you could happily eat every single day. I probably look cheap when I eat out at Italian restaurants as this is often the lowest priced dish on the menu, but the truth is I just love this classic tomato and pasta.

After many years of cooking this basic dish, I’ve finely honed my recipe and here’s how I’d make it for two people ……

  • get a big pan of water on the heat and in the meantime…..
  • smash two to three cloves of garlic and cook gently into a very generous slug of good olive oil (the life blood of Italian cooking – don’t be scared to add more quality oil than less)
  • don’t let it burn, but cook for a couple of minutes before adding a can of quality chopped plum toms. (even better – use your own home grown ‘Roma’ or similar Italian plum tomatoes – needs to be BIG FLAVOUR in there so no crappy, watery, tasteless regular supermarket bought toms)
  • fry these down for a minute or two then add a glug of white wine
  • starting with a big handful of fresh basil – set the leaves aside for later and chop up the stems then throw them into the pan
  • add a decent pinch of salt flakes and leave it to cook down for twenty mins or so
  • in the meantime, cook your favourite pasta – I suggest De Cecco spaghetti
  • when the pasta is cooked, drain most of the water but leave maybe 1/4 to 1/2 cupful in the bottom of the pan with the pasta
  • throw in your sauce with the basil leaves from earlier and give it a really good stir so every single strand of pasta is well coated in the oily, tomatoey sauce
  • grate some black pepper and some fresh parmesan and eat!!

I just realised this looks like a lot of steps bit it’s not!!! It’s super quick and easy, I promise!

And in case you are wondering, the very best pasta pomodoro I have ever eaten was lunctimes in Masseria Torre Coccaro in Puglia, sitting under the pergola overlooking the pool. I ate the same dish for lunch twelve days running. Funnily enough, it’s not even on their menu but if you visit, do ask for it.

This article was written by Jon

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